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Class Descriptions

In-Hand Classes- Judged on the breed conformation and gait . Enter the arena at a walk. You will be asked to trotted your horses individually and than ask to line up.

Performance Classes- Performance classes are all on the rail classes.

English Pleasure-To be shown at a walk, normal trot and canter. To be judged on manners, performance, attitude, quality, suitability of horse to rider and conformation.

Western Pleasure- The western pleasure class is judged on the performance, conformation, and condition of the horse. To be shown at walk, trot and lope.

Dressage Suitable- The judge will examine the horse on the rail at walk/trot/canter, both directions. Halt and stand. The judge will be looking for the Training Level basics (pure rhythm in the gaits, acceptance of contact, suppleness) as well as willingness.

Western Dressage Suitable- You will be asked to walk, trot and lope on the rail both directions. You will also be asked to lengthen the trot. Judge will be looking for rhythm of gait, accepting of contact , suppleness and willingness.

Equitation All Types- Equitation class is judges the rider on their form, their guidance of the horse, effectiveness of their aids, position of legs, hands and upper body. The rider's legs should be perpendicular to the ground and quiet, with the heels down. To be shown at walk, jog/trot and canter/lope.

Ranch Horse Open-You will be required to walk, jog and lope your horse in both directions as well jog(trot) over poles, jog a serpentine and back through poles. Do a 360 degree turn both directions. The class is judged on the horse’s quality of movement and overall manners and responsiveness while performing the required maneuvers. A horse being shown with light contact will be rewarded. The pattern will be posted the morning of the show.

Driving Class- To be shown at walk, trot and strong/road trot and you will be asked to back up. You will be judged on your reinsmanships and horses way of going under harness. You will penalized if your horse breaks gate.

Trail/Obstacle Classes- Obstacles may include a bridge, ground poles etc. The course will posted the morning of the show. You will be allowed 3 attempts at each obstacle and than you will be ask to move on to the next obstacle. You will be award points one through ten at each obstacle. The course will be open at the lunch break for a walk through.

Good sportsmanship, kindness to your horse, respect and kindness toward your fellow competitors and horse show staff is expected at all time.

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